We are a small and flexible company entirely addressed to customers and partners. Our main goal is to make our products in top products for all who try us at least once.

In the near future we plan to close the cycle of absolutely pure ecological production, environmentally friendly and useful for the people.

We want to provide energy for our production needs through the construction of wind power plants, and also to utilize the residual biomass from our production process.

Maintaining the uncompromising quality of products and services company.

Continuation and expansion of production of environmentally friendly products.

Expanding the production of food for all ages.

Expanding our market share in Bulgaria and opening of new jobs, both in production and in our distribution network.

Close cooperation with humanitarian organizations to participate in missions to supply baby foods.

Participation in research programs of the European Union, together with universities and institutes from EU and Bulgaria, for the implementation of the latest achievements of science about the nutritions in our products.

We would like our customers, regardless of where in the world are, to be our most confident and best propagandists and advertising for our products.
1991 – 2016