Letter № 6

Letter № 6 to the present and future mothers

Dear mothers
In this our extramural meeting the topic is very relevant for the season – diarrhea and the answer of Company ORDESA how to deal with easier.
Diarrhea is unwanted but common “disease”, especially in nursing and early childhood. A large group of congenital diseases occur with etc. chronic diarrhea. The reasons are varied: congenital absence of certain digestive enzymes, “defective” enzymes allergy to various digestive ingredients – proteins, gluten etc.. Diarrhea in these diseases is with different characteristics, it accompanies and hinders the development of the child.
Even larger is the group of diseases occurring with “acute” diarrhea. The causes are different and here: dietary mistakes, viral and infectious diseases, and fungal food poisoning and so on. Acute onset of diarrhea is an alarming symptom onset due to rapid fluid loss, especially salt, which can lead to dehydration of the child. So, dear parents, do not try to cope alone, seek your doctor. He will diagnosis and prescribe a treatment, an integral part of which is the diet. If you do not breastfeed your baby, company ORDESA has an appropriate response – lactose-free dietary milk Blemil plus SL and milk-free diet foods RizCrem Plus and Zanasec Plus.
Blemil plus SL contains all the essential nutrients, carbohydrates are represented by maltodextrin and a small amount of glucose polymers.
The required amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids are supplied at the expense of the addition of milk fats and oils and their absorption is increased by enriching with taurine. The presence of zinc contributes to reducing the incidence and duration of diarrhea and move the weight upward.
With these qualities Blemil plus SL can be a major therapeutic food for children with lactose intolerance, in galactosemia, celiac disease irritated colon, acute and chronic diarrhea.
Acute viral and infectious diseases when they accompanies diarrhea due to temporarily blocked the activity of the enzyme lactase breaks down the lactose. This leads to accumulation of lactose, which fascinated behind water and fluids and causes etc. osmotic diarrhea. Therefore lactose-free milk Blemil plus SL is suitable as a therapeutic food for 1-2 weeks until the fade of the disease and gradually supplied with ordinary food.
ORDESA offers two milk free dietary foods developed specifically for children with diarrhea – RizCrem Plus for children after fourth month until the end of infancy and Zanasec Plus for babies from four months to school age. These foods have balanced content of salts and trace elements and do not contain gluten, have reduced content of cellulose, suitable for delicate digestive system of infants and toddlers.
RizCrem Plus rice is a food thickening and tightening suitable for accommodating a bottle forming a colloidal gel, which is why there antiregurgitatsionen effect in non-pathological vomiting. It is ideal for diet when diarrhea by supporting the oral rehydration, facilitates the absorption of sodium and water, reduces intestinal peristalsis, protects the intestinal lining and normal intestinal fermentation.
Zanasec Plus is a dietary meal of carrots and rice with good absorbent and moisturizing effect, useful in diarrhea and intestinal problems in infants after four months and children up to school age. Can be prepared with varying density according to the age of the child. Like RizCrem Plus is an excellent result in diarrhea, regulates motility and can be used as a dietary food with irritable bowel syndrome and in all cases of malnutrition.
Dear mothers in this letter I will present another therapeutic milk of company ORDESA – Blemil Plus FH – the answer to a problem becoming more global in nature – the allergy. An unwanted but persistent guest with many faces and reincarnations. From it we can to protect ourselves still during the pregnancy. If family or relatives is proven allergy in any form, then the mother should lead high hygienic lifestyle and to avoid any allergenic factors – food, medication, harmful physical and chemical agents. Allergic attitude inherited a very complex mechanisms and your baby may show different types of allergies: skin rashes, eczema, intestinal colic, vomiting, chronic diarrhea, various forms of respiratory allergy hay fever to asthma.
In such a problem consultation with pediatrician is necessary and if you can not breastfeed your baby, the choice of hypoallergenic baby food is mandatory.
Blemil Plus FH is ideal formula with low allergenicity as the protein molecules are broken down enzymatically into amino acids and casein. 88.8% of the peptides have a molecular weight of less than 1000 daltons.
Blemil Plus FH is suitable formula and if proven malabsorption of fat, due to the balance achieved between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. To this formulation are added the ingredients Factor Plus, making it the best milk diet throughout infancy.
By the method of ultra-filtration of the formula Blemil Plus FH are eliminated most of the free fatty acids, which determines the palatability, in contrast to other hydrolysates.
So, dear mothers at every stubborn form of allergy, after consultation with the pediatrician and allergist, select ORDESA and Blemil Plus FH, because appropriate dietary food is an important part in the complex treatment of an allergy and you will win and the baby will calm and satisfaction.

Dr. Galina Kayrakovi – pediatrician