Open Letter № 5

Open Letter № 5 to the present and future mothers

Hello again, dear mothers

I am happy that your baby grow up and you are feeding it, adhering to the advice of your doctor. In this letter I will tell you how to enrich children’s menu with five series mashes of company ORDESA.
The European Association of Pediatric gastroenterologists and nutritionists and the American Academy of Pediatrics are agree that temporarily between 5 th and 6 th months is best to gradually introduce new foods.
Blevit mashes are prepared by an average degree of hydrolysis which provides a good consistency in the preparation by the addition of hot water.
Each series mashes Blevit has several varieties and all are fortified with calcium, iron and 13 vitamins.
The first series are the dairy mashes Blevit Plus, made not on the basis of yoghurt, wherein the ratio whey protein / casein is unfavorable, and on the basis of the formula, which provides easier absorption and this series depending on other ingredients which are suitable for babies after 4 th, 5 th month. This series includes 4 types of cereals:
Blevit plus fruit and milk
Blevit plus milk porridge growth – do not contain gluten and are therefore suitable for first mash, as well as gluten-free diet.
Blevit plus milk porridge with eight cereals
Blevit plus milk porridge with 8 cereals and honey – in appropriate proportion of infant formula and balanced mixture of 8 cereals – it is excellent, wholesome food with nice flavor.
The remaining 4 series cereals do not contain milk, but they have many advantages – mostly the bifidogenic effect.
Scientists now talk a lot about the content of probiotics and prebiotics in foods.
Probiotics are live microorganisms, but their term of life in submission to the body without appropriate environment for development is nearly 40 days. In our organism and especially in the digestive tract there are millions of microorganisms – more than our living cells. The microorganisms are in equilibrium with each other. Baby foods and the foods in general have a shelf life on average about two years, this is due to the need to find a way to extend the life of beneficial microorganisms by introducing in food the so-called prebiotics that are environment for development of microorganisms. Bacterium bifidus and Lactobacillus are some of the most important probiotics for the body, they are found in channels of mammary glands and their role is to destroy pathological microorganisms in milk and around the nipple. They play the same role and in the gut – gives protection to normal passage through the intestinal tract and balance intestinal flora, so they increase the body’s resistance to intestinal infections and diarrhea.
As a culture medium for bacteria in Blevit plus paste are added oligosaccharides fruit, that is of natural origin – they are the main prebiotics and as such comply with the following requirements. They are non-degradable components of the diet is not changed by enzymes in the stomach and small intestine and so reach the large intestine; Their composition is similar to that of breast milk 90% lactose and 10% other sugars; not subject to direct absorption and fermentation, so do not require energy have low calorific 2 kcal / g, and are water soluble, which facilitates the preparation, allowing storage at room temperature, have a pleasant aroma and taste.
All 4 series mashes Blevit plus have useful bifidogenic effect:
– Blevit plus gluten-free – made of rice basis they are suitable for gluten-free diets as well as in children with chronic diarrhea and intolerance to gluten and for any age. This series is represented by two types: fruit and rice;
– Blevit plus contains gluten built on wheat starch with addition of: 5 cereals, 8 cereals with honey, porridge ASORTI with fruits, cereals, honey and nuts, oatmeal and integral – the composition of which cereals are whole and provides additional fiber, which makes the mash suitable for constipation and Cola Cao flavor cocoa for children from 1 year.
– Blevit plus “GAMA SINOCOME” is a series of mashes for all babies, especially those with capricious taste. Food and energy value are achieved with the addition of whey protein and more calcium and iron, so this series is suitable for children of low birth weight after acute febrile illness. Two mashes from this series are gluten-free – suitable for diets fruit and gluten-free and gluten containing 2 – 5 with the addition of cereals and 8 cereals and honey. Because of the content of whey protein this series is not suitable for children with known allergy to the protein of cow’s milk.
This series mashes you will recognize by the red tape of the box on which is written “GAMA SINOCOME” / if you do not eat /.
– The most interesting series of milk-free pastes Blevit plus a series of new tastes – “NUEVOS SABORES” green tape on the box through which your baby will develop some basic tastes. For this to happen gradually and your baby won’t frown and returns, start with great packing Blevit plus 1, 2, 3 – cereal with vegetables in three separate envelopes:
Step 1 – Sweet mash with the addition of a small amount of vegetables – potatoes, green beans and carrots;
Step 2 – The content of vegetables is increasing, and the amount of sweet porridge is reduced;
Step 3 – Completely vegetable taste.
Thus prepared the baby can switch to the normal packaging – cereal with vegetables, such as this 2 types do not contain gluten. In this series are included more varieties – with them you can expand even the taste of the baby: porridge with vegetables and chicken, vegetables and cod, vegetables and pulses. These three products contain gluten, but the baby is already larger, reached 6 months. So once introduced, this series foods can also be used after the first year of life, especially when the child likes vegetable or meat and vegetable purees you have the alternative – Blevit plus new flavors – leave it chooses.
Dear mothers, I hope the content of this letter to expand your awareness to be more beneficial for your adolescent children.

Dr. Galina Kayrakovi – pediatrician