Open Letter № 4

Open Letter № 4 to the present and future mothers

Dear mothers

There is no “School for mothers”, but there are many books and magazine “Mama” which can prepare you and prevent surprises around your baby.
Vomiting is a common symptom, behind which lurk various reasons. Before you think about a disease that with your help will be found by your pediatrician, you should follow certain rules when feeding your baby.

– Hold the baby in your arms when you feed it;
– The duration of the meal to be 10-15 minutes;
– Respect the intervals for feeding about the relevant age;
– Do not feed your baby at night after the first month;
– Do not overfeed;
– Do not feed it earlier than necessary.

If you follow all the rules and still the baby vomits very often the reason is immaturity smooth muscle that closes the opening of the stomach into the esophagus and leads to so-called regurgitations i.e. return of food back and leakage from the mouth. Sometimes this functional immaturity is prolonged and causes changes in the esophagus and inflammation – so called GERD In GERD the vomiting are frequent and persistent and affect the normal development of the baby. In this case, your pediatrician will deal with the problem of the necessary studies and complex treatment part which is the appropriate therapeutic food for the baby.
The company “Ordesa” offers infant milk formula with modern children Blemil Plus AR. It is nutritional, contains the familiar factor Plus and healing factor AR, which contains flour carob bean.
This factor creates greater density and volume of the milk and it is faster evacuated of the stomach and is an efficient method for the dietary treatment without drug therapy in regurgitation. The addition of AR factor makes the milk more densely and prevent it to return into the esophagus. It protects against the development of inflammation – oesophagitis, which causes irritation and restlessness at the infant. AR factor does not interfere with the absorption of minerals does not affect the taste and the calorific of the milk.
The company “Ordesa” offers Blemil Plus AR in two formulas – up to 4 and from 4 months of age, which ensures precise ratio of essential nutrients, according to the age of the baby. Blemil Plus AR milks are the most affordable compared to the prices of competing products in the presence and the additional benefit factors Plus.
Dear mothers, I want to engage your attention with another range of products of “Ordesa” – the granulated teas Blevit. Many of you already know and like them. The advantage is to benefit from the first month of the baby and in any other age. Economical and easy to prepare, created entirely based on extracts of healing plants – precisely balanced and pleasant taste without sucrose.
Tea Blevit Digest / Digestion / granulated extracts of chamomile, fennel and anise – plants with anti gas formation, epilepticus and antispasmodic action. Used when are baby colic, stomach discomfort and vomiting. Before using drugs for diagnosed colic try Blevit Digest. It can be used by everyone in the family – in flatulence, flatulence, painful muscle spasms or lazy and difficulties to digest.
Tea Blevit Sueno / sleeping / contain soluble extracts of lime, lemon balm and chamomile, soothing and removes spasms, so recommended for sleep disorders of various kinds, both because of indigestion and in nervousness, irritability and others.
If your baby is fussy, and you are nervous try Blevit Sueno and the next day you will be cheerful and smiling.
Blevit Laxante / for loosening / is developed based on extracts of plum, tamarind and kiwi a product that you can use for constipations from the first month, and can experience its effect even during your pregnancy if necessary .
Blevit Laxante provides dietary fibers, which helps to normalize bowel movements and relieve constipation. It contains organic acids that help for hydration of stools, soften them and facilitate defecation.
Suitable for all ages when constipation is a problem. A pleasant and useful drink dosed according to the package directions.
Teas Blevit Digest, Blevit Sueno and Blevit Laxante are made of healthy plants and fruits known since antiquity with its soft curative effect, they are dissolved quickly in both hot and cold water, pre-boiled for children. With pleasant taste without any artificial flavors and preservatives.
Use them when its necessary and you will feel better and children more cheerful and obedient.

Dr. Galina Kayrakovi – pediatrician