Open Letter № 2

Open Letter № 2 to the present and future mothers

Dear mothers

Here we go again on the pages of your favorite magazine. In the first lines of this letter to remind you that motherhood is our supreme duty and responsibility, and breast milk – perfect natural gift, so breast-feed your baby as much as possible!
Where this is impossible, remember that the key to a good rhythm of growth and development is proper nutrition. It is achieved with the new generation formulas.
Caring mother “Ordesa” you a hand with the perfect formula – Blemil Plus Forte 1 for full-term children from day 1 and Blemil Plus Forte 2 – after 4th months.
In seven universities in Spain and in scientific laboratories “Ordesa” through a lot of research, testing and analysis and with the assistance of ESPGAN / European ASSOCIATION OF PEDIATRICS GASTROENTEROLOGISTS AND NUTRITIONISTS / in detail the proven qualities of different nutrients and achieved correlation between them as close as possible to human milk.
Enrichment of the main milk Blemil consist in two parts: Factor Plus and factor Forte.

Factor Plus includes five important additions:
– Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA-SG) – they are derivatives of linoleic essential for the body and alpha – linolenic acid. These acids are involved in enzyme systems and cellular metabolism. The most important PUFA-SG are arachidonic acid derived from linoleic acid and dehydroxy-eicosa-hexanederived from alpha – linolenic. The ratio of these two SG-PUFA in breast milk is equals 2, as with Blemil Plus Forte 1 and Blemil Plus Forte 2. SG-PUFA are essential for the development of the central nervous system (CNS) and visual acuity. Even during pregnancy, fetal detected accumulated PUFA-Gazette in cell membranina various tissues, especially the nervous system and retina. The absence of these acids leads to problems with vision and memory.
– The second ingredient of Factor Plus is L carnitine – necessary to deliver energy. It is a complex nitrogen compound, which is involved in the breakdown of fatty acids into the mitochondria by way of oxidation. Is also involved in protein metabolism, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the plasma. A deficiency of L carnitine leads to improper metabolism and burn proteins instead of fats. The content in breast milk and in Blemil Plus Forte is 2.3 mg / 100 ml.
– The third component is essential amino acid taurine, which is important for the transmission of nerve impulses. A deficiency affects adversely the central nervous system of the infant.
The remaining two components of the Factor Plus trace elements are selenium and vitamin E, which act as antioxidants. They protect the molecules of PUFA-Gazette from the harmful effects of oxidants and their scarcity leads to structural and functional damage to cell membranes.
Now factor Forte and the additional benefit of it.
– The first benefit comes from improved ratio of basic carbohydrate lactose and maltodextrin. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. In breast milk accounts for 90% of lactose, which stimulates digestive enzymes determined acidic pH in the intestine and contribute to the formation of lactic acid and absorption of calcium, magnesium and other metals needed to build bones. Along with lactose an important role plays and maltodextrin. It protects the enzyme lactase and so prevents development malabsorption of lactose, reduced osmolarity and facilitates renal function, it is also environment for the development of bifidus bacteria in the colon. Observations show that infants fed formulas enriched with maltodextrin have better digestion, absorption and gain better weight.
– The second significant benefit from Forte factor is imports of nucleotides – complex substances containing nitrogen that make up molecules of RNA and DNA. Normally present in breast milk and therefore imports into formulas is extremely important. All emerging tissues need nucleotides. Nucleotides provide faster maturing of the digestive system, reduce the permeability of pathological bacteria and babies suffer less from diarrhea. Nucleotides contribute for faster strengthen the immune system as well as the cellular and humoral immunity. Babies fed with such milks have higher levels of immune globulins. The content of the nucleotides in Blemil Plus Forte 1 and Blemil Plus Forte 2 is 2.66 mg / 100 ml, both of which have milk lipid profile of human milk.
– The third benefit of Forte factors are proteins and energy. The proteins in the form of amino acids are the main building blocks of a living cell, a source of energy and responsible for protection from infection. It is important that the ratio of whey protein and the casein. In colostrum it is 90/10 in the transitional breast milk is 60/40 in mature breast milk is 50/50. Similarly in the formula of Blemil Plus Forte 1 ratio was 60/40, a total protein content of 1.8 g / 100 ml, and in Blemil Plus Forte 2 – the ratio is 50/50, and protein 2.3 g / 100 ml.
· The fourth component of Forte factor is vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and contributing to good bone mineralization and formation of tooth germs.
– Vitamin A is a fifth component, important for the realization of the visual functions, differentiation of epithelial cells and about the mechanisms of growth. Its content must not exceed the permissible limits due to potential side effects.
– Last but important by matter is the import of zinc for better growth and better immunity. Its absence leads to retention of height and weight and more frequent diarrhea in the first year of life.

Dear mothers, this review aims to show that with hard work and effort researchers from the company Ordesa have managed to create a formula as close to the breast milk to meet all needed nutrients for your baby, vitamins and trace elements it gets them the easiest to absorb way – through nutrition.
Hopefully, using the advice of your doctor to assess the merits of the milk Blemil Plus Forte 1 and Blemil Plus Forte 2, as milks of a new generation, ensuring harmonious development of your child.
Goodbye until next time, when we will talk about completely formulas for prevention and treatment of constipation in infants Blemil Plus 1 AE and Blemil Plus 2 AE and more thing …

Dr. Galina Kayrakovi – pediatrician