Open letter No. 1

Open letter №1 to the present and future mothers

Dear mothers

With these words I want to tell you about one another “caring mother” for the children of the world – the Spanish company “Ordesa” on which to rely, for whatever reason, you do not breast-feed your baby.
With rich traditions of the past time and distant path in the future with their products “Ordesa” has earned the trust of the Association of Children’s gastroenterologists and nutritionists in Europe and America.
In 2000 “Ordesa” debuted successfully on the Bulgarian market and has claims that after stopping breastfeeding can solve any problem in baby’s feeding.
The adaptive formulas of the company are not breast milk, but are as close to it in composition and proportion of the most important substances.
For healthy infant the adaptive milks Blemil Plus Forte are the most advanced formula in infant feeding, other than regular formula due to the addition of the “plus” factor – responsible for better maturation of the central nervous system and the factor “forte” who “watch” the immune system. With them, your child will grow healthy and develop normally.
For every problem in the feeding of the infant “Ordesa” a has decision by its healing milks. If necessary – select them with your doctor.
Blemil Plus Prematuros – if the baby is premature or with low weight.
If the problem is GERD and you’re worried that your baby is sick, the solution is Blemil Plus AR. This milk gives him everything and the AR factors will soothe nausea and help in the healing of the child.
When the baby has diarrhea, provide him with dietary Blemil Plus SL. If your baby acquired or inherited allergy – the answer is Blemil Plus FH.
The newest triumph of the caring “Ordesa” is the only formula for constipation Blemil Plus AE to grow your baby calm and carefree.
Dear mothers, if “Ordesa” has already earned your trust, you can count on their other products in the first most important year of your child life.
Guided by the advice of your doctor, you can in the appropriate age to try with your child the mashes Blevit Plus – unique in its variety, taste and healing effect.
There are developed 5 series of mashes under the brand “Ordesa” all fortified with iron, calcium and 13 vitamins:

– series mashes with fruit, cereals and even honey – Blevit Plus with formula and bifidogenic effect;
– series milk free mashes with bifidogenic effect that provides comfort in the delicate digestive system of the child – Blevit Plus;
– children’s mashes do not containing gluten – Blevit Plus;
– Series mashes for Fastidious Eater children with fickle appetite and taste – Blevit Plus GAMA SINOCOME;
– If your child frowns and refuses vegetables or meat and vegetable puree, “Ordesa” offers another solution by series mashes Blevit Plus NUEVOS SABORES (range of new flavors). Only on the Bulgarian market mashes with vegetables, chicken, fish and pulses even for older children and for the gradual transition to these pastes “briefcase” “Step by Step”. “Step by Step” contains three packages by 300 g grain and vegetable mash. The ratio of sweet corn at a vegetable mash gradually decreases from the 1st to the 3rd package, providing seamless and strenuous child psyche transition to more “unpleasant” taste of vegetables.
– If you worry about temporary problems such as colic, constipation or restlessness of the child, trust to granulated teas “Ordesa” Blevit Digest, Blevit Sueno and Blevit Laxante, developed entirely plant-based. So you will be calm, and the baby will coo and smile more.

I will be glad if these lines are useful to you. Remember that breast milk is the best food for your baby and breastfeeding is your duty.

I hope to continue our letters on the pages of your favorite magazine.

Dr. Galina Kayrakovi – pediatrician