Am Am introduction

Baby purees “Am Am” – completely clean, no preservatives, artificial flavorings and colorings. 100% healthy, 100% Bulgarian.

The development of special baby foods is one of the important strategies recommended by the World Health Organization to ensure the healthy nutrition of children in the European Action Plan in terms of food and nutrition since 2000.

The rapid growth of children in infancy and early childhood identify the needs of nutrients that are significantly larger relative to kg of body weight than adults. Healthy eating during this period improves the chances of the children to use their full genetic potential and to provide a basis for better health status in later life.

The “Am Am” purees meet all requirements for foods intended for infants and young children. Their great advantage is that they are produced from fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, rich in vitamins and minerals. The used products are mainly Bulgarian, known for their flavor due to the content of free amino acids, sugars and other substances associated with the climatical conditions of the country.

The “Am Am” purees fully meet the EU directive about the content of carbohydrates (18%) and fats (0.5%) for baby foods.

Choosing “Am Am” You give a good start in life for your child.

Nikolai Zehirev
24.10.2000 year